Under the Orange Tree

Under the Orange Tree

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The Story: Sheltered by its shade, gazing at an azure sky scattered with silent clouds, the enchanting white petals and stamens of the azahar flowers look like the sun. Reminding you of sweet honey and nectar, the air is infused with intoxicating blossoms. Your own little private piece of heaven in the protective shadow you found Under the Orange Tree.

The Description: Warm, sweet and powdery. Showcasing the aromatic wonders of the bitter orange tree, the freshness and richness of the orange blossom are combined with a jasmine that gently cascades onto a base of powdery vanilla and amber notes.

The Notes: Labdanum, benzoin, frankincense, neroli, petitgrain, orange blossom (absolute and organic extract), jasmine, lime blossom and green bitter orange. Within the fragrance are multiple neroli and petitgrain oils.

A maximum of three samples of each fragrance per customer can be purchased. Please contact us if you wish to discuss higher quantities.

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